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Ajax Systems designs and manufactures simple yet affordable security systems for apartments and condominiums. It provides wireless door and window opening detectors and motion detectors. The company was started in 2021 and is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. It has several distributors all over Europe, Asia, and the United States. There are many types of alarms available from Ajax Systems.

Ajax Systems


The basic design of a door and window sensor includes a transmitter, a connector, and an ajax processing unit. The transmitter sends an activation signal or a trigger to the ajax processor. The processor then interprets the signal, activates the actuator, and activates the device or material that is being protected by the sensor. This type of system includes an aluminum frame that is attached to the unit.


The Ajax Systems product newsroom publishes product information on a regular basis. In the Ajax Systems home security system category there are four products: Motion Sensor Alarm, Door and Window Sensor Alarm, Gate Lock Switch, and Gate Switch Guard. The Motion Sensor Alarm is the most versatile Ajax security alarm systems available. It has three modes: warning, motion sensing, and enhanced motion sensing. It has a central monitoring station and can be expanded to cover the front, backyard, or sides of your home.


The Door and Window Sensor Alarm is a good starter Ajax security systems product. It provides a basic protection against burglaries. It also has an auto shut off feature so it will turn itself off when no one is home, and turn on when someone is home and opens the door or window. It has a wireless connection that is protected by a password. It comes with a mounting plate and has five sensors. It does not have any interior controls.


The Gate Switch Guard are two more great Ajax products from Ajax Systems. They provide a combination of security and home automation. They use two wireless sensors, one for the magnetic contacts on doors and windows, and one for the door frame to detect opening or closing. There is an optional third magnetic contact sensor, which is used if you want to be able to set up a timer, so that your system will turn on and off as the door or window opens and shuts. They use an App for controlling the system through your smartphone, and the system comes with a free App.


The fourth Ajax security system is the Door and Window Sensor Alarm. This is the most complete alarm system available. It has six sensors including: door frame sensors, interior door and window sensors, exterior door and window sensors, motion detectors, and a telephone dialer to connect with the central monitoring. The system comes with a free App, and can be expanded to include a remote control and phone line if desired. It is very affordable.


The last piece of Ajax security system equipment is the Digital Door Jacks. It has two sensing sensors, which detect the rotation of the glass doors. There are also two sensing hubs, which detect whether the door is opened or closed. They are placed in the hallway between the living room and the bedroom.


Ajax Systems has taken the basic premise of coming together sensors to create a complete system that not only is stylish but also provides great functionality. The sensors themselves are incredibly small, barely noticeable, and have very accurate motion detectors, so that they can distinguish between false alarms and real threats. There is no complexity to the system, and it integrates seamlessly with other pieces of equipment, making Ajax systems alarm system extremely flexible. These sensors work independently of each other, making for total integration and versatility. You can have your Ajax systems alarm system up and running quickly, and then use it to compliment any type of security system or home security you already have in place.

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