Aspects of Healthy Eating Menu for the Elderly

A healthy eating menu is very important if you have senior citizens under your care. This is because their bodies require special attention that only a healthy menu can provide. Ageing is inevitable but the process need not be deterred with problems and diseases that can be prevented having a healthy eating menu. The reason behind this is because a healthy menu will provide most of the necessary nutrients and vitamins to counteract the detrimental effects of ageing. Food is not only meant to make us “feel full” but also to nourish and revitalize our systems as the building blocks of the body are found in the foods we eat.

Ageing is characterized by muscle wasting, system deterioration and weakening bones. Therefore a healthy eating menu for the elderly should involve all the main essential nutrients that are important for building and strengthening the body in significant amounts. There are always pill supplements but nature has awarded us the privilege of enjoying all the essential nutrients through wholesome food without having to take these pills. The healthy eating menu will definitely combine all these foods in a balanced and wholesome way Bauchfett verlieren.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy menu for the elderly should involve the major body builders; quality sources of proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and the essential vitamins. Calcium for instance is essential for the bones to prevent loss of teeth and osteoporosis among other bone diseases. Proteins are supposed to rebuild muscle and maintain body mass. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body and prevent the body from attacking protein reserves that causes muscle wasting. The healthy eating menu should involve all these, among other essential nutrients to the body in order to maintain a healthy living for the elderly.

Healthy menu for the elderly should also involve significant amount of vitamins such as the B vitamins, which are very essential to the nervous systems. Other essential vitamins such as the A, D, E, and K are very important to facilitate most of the metabolic functions of the body and other higher processes. Therefore the healthy eating menu will have significant amounts of vegetables and fruits. These also provide most of the fiber required in a healthy menu as the digestive system also becomes weakened with age. The fiber amounts should however be regulated to prevent stress on the digestive tract. The healthy eating menu should be formulated on foods from all the major food groups.

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