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Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in Martial Arts, first thing you need to consider is getting the right uniform or outfit for your Martial Arts training. Martial arts uniforms allow the wearer maximum movement and comfort. For starting Martial Arts training your first step is to find a good school or instructor. Many Martial Arts Schools have their specific requirement for the type or style of martial arts uniform Buy judo gi. They prescribe different types of uniforms for different styles of martial arts. Selecting proper uniform becomes easier if you know which particular style of martial arts you are going to practice. Some styles like Tae Kwon Do and Karate have similar uniforms while other styles like Kung Fu, Aikido and Kendo have different looking uniforms. Next you need to decide the weight of the uniform. Some times you may be required to use more than one type of uniform. Lightweight, middle weight or Heavyweight uniforms may be required for different purposes. For example some martial arts require to wearing heavier, thicker canvas type cotton uniforms for competitions. They are high quality and very impressive looking and they even sound better when you move. However these may not be very useful for your everyday training and of course they cost little more. So it is better to have a few light weight thinner uniforms for daily practice sessions. These may not be as lasting as the heavyweight uniforms suggested for competitions but it will surely improve your training, and will give you a feeling of satisfaction. Normally karate uniform pants come with a drawstring waist. The drawstring keeps your pants secure, even if pulled on. Just ensure the hem through which the drawstring passes is at least double the width of drawstring itself. Otherwise the string may get jammed after the pants have been washed or are soaked in sweat. As an alternative to a drawstring, you may go for an elastic waistband. Some people find a waistband more convenient but I wouldn’t recommend it to keep your karate pants on. If you must insist for it, make sure there is a string to back up the elastic. But then, again you will need to tying a string. Is it not better to stop worrying about elastic? It only gives constant pressure on your lower abdomen, and interferes with your breathing. Choice is always yours.

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