Common Home Remedies of Acne Sufferers

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between an effective home remedy for something and one that’s just an old wives tail. Having acne problems is difficult enough without having to evaluate every possible treatment option available. I recently took a poll from my readers and found the most common home remedies of acne sufferers. I offer these to you with  7.62×39 surplus ammo a little more insight into the scientific background behind each one so you can have a little more information to base your decision on whether or not to try one of these home remedies of acne sufferers.

Topical Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is great for a number of different skin and/or hair disorders. The properties of Tea Tree Oil include being an antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic. It’s been shown to be extremely effective against Staph Aureus, which is a bacteria commonly found on the skin, as well as being effective against mites. Mites and bacterial infections can both be directly related to the formation and severity of acne. DO NOT INGEST Tea Tree Oil. Don’t mix it with food. When consumed it is toxic and dangerous.

Topical Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar has been demonstrated to be effective at treating a number of problems from home. I’ve used it for years for canker sores…mind your it hurts really bad for a few minutes…but very effective at reducing the healing time for them. However, Apple Cider Vinegar plays a different type of role when it comes to acne. Vinegar is acidic. On a pH scale it’s about 2.5. Under optimal conditions our skins pH is about 5-5.5. It’s thought the the skin’s pH balance is directly related to the development of acne. The more alkaline the skin, the more suitable the environment is for acne formation. By applying an Apple Cider Vinegar solution, mixed anywhere from 50 percent water/50 percent vinegar to 100 percent apple cider vinegar, the skin’s pH is lowered back to within optimal conditions. Many of the soaps we use on our skin are very alkaline, so as we wash our skin, we’re actually making things worse from a certain perspective. The acidity of Apple Cider Vinegar also has antimicrobial effects helping to reduce the bacteria associated with acne formation.

Peppermint Oil – Peppermint Oil is great for a lot of skin conditions as well. It works well for acne because it’s been found to reduce the production of one of the most common culprits leading to acne, sebum. Sebum is a skin oil produced by sebaceous glands within the skin. The sebaceous glands release the sebum into the skins pore. When used as a topical agent, Peppermint Oil also has some analgesic (pain reducing) effects as well. Peppermint Oil can be harsh on the skin. Most people dilute the Peppermint Oil with water in varying solutions ranging from 1 part Peppermint Oil to 5 parts water all the way to 1 part Peppermint Oil to 15 parts water.

I’ll be quite upfront. I had a number of other submissions to my “home remedies of acne sufferers” poll, but I didn’t mention them because I felt they were either too dangerous or didn’t have a strong scientific background behind them.

Being able to treat the symptoms of acne is important, coming from someone that had severe facial cystic acne, I know. However, I would have much rather preferred not seeing any acne, or at least very little, develop at all. Which is why I always recommend to people I meet, patients, friends and family members that are suffering from acne, to seek natural and holistic methods of treating and curing acne.

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