Frost Bites – 6 Tips Why Use Your Freezer

Most of us didn’t know that the freezer could actually be a good help when it comes to diet. Here are some of the reason why we should use our freezer more often, we actually eat more and weigh less by using it.

o Fresh or Frozen

Although food critics would not admit this but sometimes frozen food produces would tastes much better than a fresh one, most especially when the vegetable not on the season. A perfect temperature to store food should be 0ÚF. This is like food-processing; they pick the fruits and vegetables when they are ripe enough. What they do is to pick the produce and then blanch it in heated water to destroy the bacteria and enzymes that can cause the food to lose its color and its texture. The foods are then quickly frozen.

o Frozen foods are more nutritious than fresh

This is the quick-chill method that is used in preserving a frozen fruit and vegetable and seals the nutrient content. Since the produce has been taken even before it was Steel bite pro review ripe, that is why the nutrients have not developed fully. The frozen food actually contains twice as much as vitamins and minerals than the fresh fruits and vegetables.

o Small frozen dinner

When you eat a frozen meal like pizza, this is probably less than 400 calories and leaves your stomach hungry and rumbling. What we could suggest is to supplement with frozen vegetables, sautéing it in oil with onion and garlic is the best way.

o Eat meat forever

By learning the right way of keeping your meat, you will be able to eat or store your meat for a longer period of time without it losing its taste or rotting. To do that, make sure that you include plastic wrapper and a freezer bag in your shopping cart. What you do is remove the steak from the butcher paper since this creates air pockets which allow water molecules to sip in to the steak. As we know water molecule inside a frozen steak is like eating a hound dog on a hot summer day, since water molecule seeks the coolest place and it decreases its energy. To prevent this use an airtight plastic bag, zip the water molecule out.

o Defrosting should be this easy

Defrosting your food that was bought fresh and then store it in the freezer ensures that it will melt but will not become warm enough allowing the bacteria to proliferate. Defrost faster by placing the unwrapped steak, chop, or chicken on a heavy, not aluminum or stainless-steel pan and then put it in the kitchen in an open air, since metal is one the most efficient conductor of heat. It will absorb the warmth of the room and deliver it to the meat.

o Keep your freezer full

Keep your freezer full to lower the electric bill. Chilling air will require more energy. If there is more food in the freezer, the lesser the air, the lesser the energy required.

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