Goal Management Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why.

Staying on top of your team’s numbers in this nanosecond world need not be a significant time burner. The Internet has revolutionized communications and given us a just in time pull model – information is pulled as we need it from anywhere. Push is Passé Ironically many managers are stuck in the past. They continue to rely on an outdated push model for staying abreast of their team member’s updates. “Send me your latest sales figures for the month and the status of your top ten accounts.” Relying on a static push process to stay abreast of mission critical dynamic events such as sales, production, billing and other scorecard objectives is behind the times. Make Sharing Easy “If all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail.” So if all you have are email attachments and hard copies for one to one sharing of your team member’s metrics then you and your people are wasting precious time that https://www.keepsolid.com/goals/glossary/business-agility could best be used to move the ball down the field. What is a Sprint Backlog? - Agile Mindtools Did You Get My Updates? The un-productive time spent by employees and managers emailing, copying, and printing performance updates back and forth is both staggering and unnecessary. A dynamic web-based goal management approach relieves employees and managers from the tedious and ever-present need to push mission critical information back and forth to each other. A Perfect Storm Staying in tune with business goals is exacerbated by a lethal perfect storm: workers are mobile, competitors abound, and the clock is speeding up. Pull is the New Normal Goals are seldom achieved in a straight line and at a constant cadence. The journey to the finish line is filled with detours, pot holes, hills and valleys. Empowered employees post their updates on their journey while sharing tactics to overcome obstacles and detailing the risks, opportunities and issues. Employees and managers can create sub goals and new goals that are shared in real- time while offering fresh ideas for improving performance. Real Time Bottom up Feedback The manager always has a clear view of the employee’s progress. Convenient summary scorecard reports quickly identifies the employee’s progress but more importantly the manager receives bottom up suggestions with next steps and updates; all of this without ever having to print, copy, or email attachments. Manager and employee are relieved from wasteful paper shuffling, version management, and exchanging emails, and are less reliant on time-consuming status meetings. Higher level managers have line-of-site to indirect reports. Employee, manager and higher level manager are always on the same page. Summary Business goals are meant to be achieved and goals that are aligned with the company strategy and cascaded down into the organization will ensure the ship stays on course. Goal management software is a gift an organization gives itself to streamline the performance scorecard and data gathering process so less time is spent on identifying performance gaps and more time focused on bridging them.
Ron Hiller is President and CEO of Insights For Performance, a management consultancy providing leading edge solutions since 2003, that empower people and inspire performance.

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