How to Blog for Your Business (When You’re Not a Blogger)

Blogging is a marketing medium that has been embraced by businesses large and small over the past few years. Almost every brand page you visit will have a link to the company blog for users to check out and get the latest news on the industry and the company. Sometimes it is a single writer who contributes and other times there are posts from several different people Sherry Dyson.

Coming up with what to write about can be the most time-consuming part of keeping a business blog. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of new things happening at the company. Here are some helpful tips for getting those creative juices flowing so you can keep your readers informed and your business blog going.

Always keep your eye out for interesting facts and industry happenings. If it falls into the same category as your business, earmark it for future use. Keep a folder on your computer where you can stick web pages and news stories that you come across that can be helpful in future blog posts. Maybe an industry expert wrote a product review or you found some interesting statistics that can benefit your readers. When you have a running folder of topic ideas, it makes it easier to pick something to write about when you are out of ideas.

You can use your blog as a space to write product or book reviews for things that relate to your niche in some way. If you have a business designing cell phone cases, write reviews on the latest releases of the hottest phone models. If you run a landscaping business, review various types of potting mix. There are plenty of things to choose from out of this category.

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