Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wigs

Both men and women wear human hair wigs for many different reasons. While some use human hair to keep their hair looking healthy and clean, many others wear human hair wigs because they are more comfortable and easier to care for. The only difference between a human hair and synthetic wigs is in the hair fiber. A synthetic wig will be more likely to hold onto it’s style after cleaning. Human hair wigs are usually made with real human hair which means that they actually feel and look real, but they need to be washed regularly like all human hair does.

human hair wigs


There are a few different cons to both human hair wigs and traditional synthetic wigs. One of the pros to human hair wigs are that they tend to look and feel more natural than their traditional synthetic counterparts. Human hair tends to take dye well, is easy to care for, and holds its style for a longer period of time than traditional synthetic wigs. The only con to human hair wigs are that they can sometimes be more expensive than other types of wigs.


Another pro to using heated styling tools with human hair wigs are that they provide more versatility than other types of wigs. Many human hair wigs can easily be dyed using traditional methods. Using heated tools allow you to get more complex looks with your styling. Heat is also more versatile with human hair wigs because many stylists can transfer them from one style to another without any damage to the original style.


One con to using human hair wigs that you do not want to miss out on is that they can be very costly. Depending on the type of wig you purchase, human hair can cost anywhere from two hundred to over five thousand dollars depending on the type of quality that you are looking at. There are also human hair wigs that are one hundred percent synthetic that can be bought for even less than a hundred dollars. If you are planning to use a wig in an industry that pays top dollar, then you will want to spend the extra money that comes with a real human hair wig.


One of the biggest pros to human hair wigs are that they are much more durable than synthetic wigs. They do not break or fall apart as easily as their cheaper counterparts. One of the biggest con to these wigs are that they can get very hot when styling them. This heat can cause the hair to start combing in the wrong direction which can cause damage to the wig. These types of wigs also do not have as much shine to them as other types of wigs. Most real human hair wigs will have about two or three shades of shine to them.


Another good thing about real wigs is that they do not have to have the density that other wigs have. When you get human hair wigs that are less than one hundred percent human hair, they will not have as much density to them as other wigs. This makes the density a lot less than what other wigs have. This is good because it can make the wig feel soft and more comfortable to wear if you are going to be using it for hours at a time.


The last big con to human hair wigs that most consumers do not think about is how shiny they will be. When you get synthetic wigs, they do not have as much shine to them because the human hair has been weighed down by the synthetic material. However, this does not mean that human hair wigs with a higher density of human hair are no longer as shiny. Real hair wigs with a higher density of hair still will have plenty of shine to them.


Overall, human hair wigs are great products that anyone can use. They provide a high level of comfort, are very affordable, and still look amazing when they are put up on your head. If you want to become frizzy-free in a matter of days, then you should definitely invest in a good human hair wig. You will notice a huge difference in your appearance after you do just that.

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