Standard Credibility Builders For the Alternative Medicine Doctor

Isn’t it time America found out about you?

Are you getting the amount of referrals that you deserve?

Do enough people know you? Do they trust you? Are you a credible source for them?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above (except #1) might I suggest you take a look at some standard credibility builders. These things must be in place. They are expected by everyone you meet. Without them you appear to the other person as unprofessional, dis credible, and not really trustworthy as an authority in alternative medicine.

3. Invest in a website right now! I mean this. Maybe you should wait until after reading Chapter 12 of Book Yourself Solid first or having me coach you on it, but get one www.ufabet immediately. Please don’t use a template unless it rocks the house and doesn’t undermine your credibility. The website should MAKE money for you so whatever you put into it, expect it back in abundance! Most of your new patients will use the web to find you! Go there to meet them.

4. Have professional photographs taken. Put these photos on your cards and your website. Do not use a picture that looks bad or shows you in a less than expert light. I see too many “this will do” photos on websites and cards and it is a major turn off. You can even use pictures of you at conventions or seminars. You will end up using these photos on any products you produce or articles that you write. Having no photo at all makes me feel like you are hiding something.

5. Let’s talk testimonials. In a former business I caught another business using my own real testimonials on their website! How bad is that? Please use your own real and specific testimonials rather than generalized ones. The more specific you are the REALER you are and you will strengthen your connection with your patients. It’s easy to get them. Anytime you hear you patients saying how good they feel or how it helped them with their condition, you pull out your testimonial form that says “ok to publish” at the bottom and you hand it to them and say, “That’s great! Will you write down your win on this sheet please?” Imagine how many you would have if you got one from every patient? The specific testimonial is the best way to establish yourself as an expert with your patients but it is coming from someone else! When people see these they think to themselves,” if they were good for them they will be good for me!”

6. Establish an advisory board. This can be other experts and they can lend you so much credibility early on and then once you are well known you pay it forward.

As you look at your practice and you read the 6 points above, do you see room for improvement? I hope so. I hope you were able to really take another look at your business from outside the business to evaluate.

If you don’t own Book Yourself Solid yet, I recommend that you get it. I have worked with alternative medicine doctors for years and I know what is made available to them through the practice management companies. This book has the “how-tos” that you have been looking for and paying those high practice management companies fees for.

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