The Keepsolid DNS Firewall – What Are The Different Advantages Of Using It?

If you have recently purchased a new computer, you will want to install a keepsolid firewall. This is one of the most important network security applications that can prevent the invasion of malware into your personal computer and personal information. DNS Firewall is an internet security program that blocks potentially harmful information from reaching your computer. It protects the user against various malicious threats, including: Malware, spyware, adware and spam. In addition, the DNS Firewall can also prevent the introduction of adware or spyware onto the system.


Adware and spyware can compromise your security by locating your key log, capturing screenshots and recording your keystrokes. They are then transmitted to the authors of the malware. The information is then used to monitor your online purchases, generate advertising campaigns and to collect personal information that can be used for identity theft. In some cases, the malware can be so sophisticated that it can bypass most common security measures. This is what makes the keepsolid firewall so useful.


Malware can also have an adverse affect on your productivity. It has been known to cause computer crashes, web pages that download automatically dns firewall for PC to the malware’s website and pop-up advertisements that show up while you are online. These factors can cause frustration and make work difficult. A good means to prevent the introduction of inappropriate content and to prevent the crash of websites associated with phishing techniques is to install the keepsolid firewall.


Most of today’s smartphones and tablet PCs run on mobile devices such as the iOS and Android operating systems. In addition, most people today use their smart phones and tablets to browse the World Wide Web and to send and receive emails. There is no denying the fact that phishing is a very popular online activity. With the introduction of the smart phone and tablet computers, many internet users were left in a vulnerable position wherein they could be enticed to open email attachments with viruses that come from the likes of scam sites or malicious online content.


This poses a huge threat because a single email attachment can lead to the downloading of harmful programs and codes from malicious sites. Once this happens, you are left vulnerable to attack from other online security threats including phishing sites. If you do not install the Keepsolid DNS Firewall, your device will only allow access from specific IPs. One way of preventing such a situation is to install the Keepsolid DNS Firewall. This firewall software comes with an unlimited lifetime license meaning that you will never be required to worry about renewing it.


The Keepsolid DNS Firewall allows you to specify security rules for specific domains in addition to the rest. This feature will help you prevent phishing attacks by blocking some websites that are believed to be associated with phishing scams. You can also specify which social media sites should be allowed access to your network. Some of the social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, MySpace, and Twitter are known to host malicious online content. If you do not want any of these specific social media sites to be accessible to your guests, then you can use the Keepsolid DNS Firewall to block their access.


Another major benefit that you can get from installing the Keepsolid DNS Firewall is protection against malware. Many malware and spyware programs are developed to target specific domains or IPs and infect your system when you visit those websites. These programs will modify web pages in order to disguise themselves as trustworthy websites. In most cases, people visiting these websites are unaware of the fact that their system has been compromised. By using the Keepsolid DNS Firewall, you will be able to protect your system and prevent attackers from gaining access to your personal and financial information.


Although the Keepsolid DNS Firewall offers protection against malware, it is also capable of protecting against hackers and other Internet criminals. If you connect to the internet through your IOS devices, then the application can log all the activity done on these devices. If there is any suspicious activity, then the logs will be recorded and you will be able to view them on the internet. This way, you will be able to identify the person who hacked into your website. If you are using an IOS device to surf the internet, then you should definitely consider using the Keepsolid DNS Firewall in order to prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.

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