Theaters Around the World Reviews – #steenlied: Learn Why Jacqueline Westwood’s Play Enters the Broadway Club

In American Sign Language, the term “disgraced” is usually used to mean damaged or mistreated. It is a perfect synonym for “ruined.” Rubbed out and ruined, Broadway shows are left-overs that leave the audience with not only a bad taste in their mouth but the soreness that will linger long after the show is over. From ” ridiculing” the play “Jesus Christ Superstar” to “broke sing-a-ma-jigs” the language of Broadway is filled with humorous, comical, and sometimes outrageously misinformed plays that leave little to the imagination and leave the audience wanting more.


But what exactly is it that leaves people so rancid with theatre? There are many factors but one of the biggest is the “stage fright.” This is the most common complaint among Broadway theatre patrons and those who frequent theatres and shows alike.


I can think of one example. A friend of mine saw a play, “Osage County,” a production of William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice.” He had never heard of the play before in his life. So when he walked into the first scene, he was overcome with the sea of emotions that he experienced. He was deeply disturbed by the cruelty, degradation and overall hopelessness of the characters in the play.


The setting, a farmhouse in rural upstate New York, added to the confusion. He couldn’t escape the sense that something was terribly wrong disgracedonbroadway with this beautiful, tragic play. The acting was terrible, the dialogue poor, and there just didn’t seem to be any flow to the play. He left the theatre that night feeling as if he’d been run over by a car. He came home confused and depressed.


While this particular performance may have had that “thing” that drove him to leave, my own experiences with Broadway have proven that there are other factors involved. The play didn’t bother me. I don’t find the subject matter so disturbing.


What did bother me was the reaction of the audience when they learned about the accusations. Everyone seemed quite shocked, including the woman standing right behind me in line at the checkout counter. My guess is that she hadn’t even noticed the play before she came to the store. The cashier seemed oblivious to the commotion behind him. Some people may have felt sympathy for Joseph, but for others it represented the ultimate insult.


I can understand wanting to protect the investment in a play, but going out and buying a ticket to a play based on rumors and speculation only serves to increase public opinion and undermine a theatrical experience. Yes, the cast and crew of any play are bound to say some things that will cause intrigue, speculation and even hatred. The public loves the soap opera like soap it is, and it feeds the desire to find out what happened. But we also need to remember that the cast and crew members work very hard.


This particular cast member didn’t deserve to be disgraced! The story behind his downfall was so outrageously negative that I don’t think he deserves to be portrayed in such a manner. Everyone involved knew there were issues with his performance, but it seems that some members of the cast decided to spread some wild rumors just to stir up trouble! Broadway is a collaborative effort. Each actor brings his own talents and skill to the stage. These people work together to make each production amazing, while ending up with a heartwarming play!


I thought that Bridesmaids was wonderful! It was different than everything else I had ever seen before. The cast was absolutely wonderful, and although most of the performances were not at the level I would have expected, at least the ending was sweet and hopeful!


There was a revival of sorts planned for Bridesmaids. But then that got delayed. What a waste! I’m sure we’ll soon see another amazing revival of that show.


I’m hoping for a revival because the play has a captivating quality about it. And the characters are so real. The drama between Nurse Ratcliff and herrival Mr. Marquis is real enough, but there is more drama between Nurse Ratcliff and her fiance, Alex, played by Andrew Garfield. Garfield brings real life to this role. He’s a terrific actor.

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