What to Do When You Buy Old LinkedIn Accounts

How to buy old LinkedIn connections is an increasingly popular trend among users of social networking site. LinkedIn is one of the best known social networking sites and has millions of users. But in order to get the most from your LinkedIn account you should ideally look for old connections with whom you already have a solid social network connection – then these connections can help you grow your career much faster than if you used a new LinkedIn account. These connections will increase your networking influence (and your employability in your chosen fields) at a much quicker pace than by simply signing up for an entirely new LinkedIn account.

Buy Old LinkedIn Accounts With Connections


The first thing to do when thinking about how to connect to LinkedIn is to go to the social networking site and search for groups and pages that interest you. Do you have interests in real estate? Then you should join groups that talk about real estate, or groups where people talk about buying and selling (we are looking at real estate here! ). The more social networking sites you participate in the more connections and the more influence you will gain on the social networking scene in general.


Now here is what you do: connect to as many people as you can using your main accounts. This means that, while you are actively involved in the LinkedIn community, you will be making connections with other profiles on the network; and these profiles will have their own connections, their own networks, and – when you want it – their own connections’ lists. If you want to buy accounts that you already have connections in, you can do that, too.


Now consider how you might connect to someone through LinkedIn. For example, let’s say that you have some contacts in a specific field of expertise who are also members of a LinkedIn group that you belong to. When you want to make some new connections, you might search for groups that are relevant to your field of expertise. You can find these Buy Old LinkedIn Accounts With Connections groups in two ways: either by joining them already, or by looking up their names and joining the groups. You might want to join the groups related to the groups that you found on LinkedIn, too.


So now what you do? When you see the group, go into it and find all of the profiles that are linked to it. Look at the people in those groups and see if there is anyone who may be able to be an excellent connection for you. Then, if there is, add them as a friend (you should have created a profile for yourself when you joined the network) and send them a “personal message” to tell them that you are interested in them.


Note that you should not send messages like these on a regular basis. Do not use the same name for every contact you make. Be sure to respond to others who send you messages, too. This will make other members of the LinkedIn network aware that you are interested in meeting them, too. The more contacts you have who are connected with groups you belong to, the more leads and potential clients you will have.


If, after you have made some new connections, you are still not finding any good candidates, then perhaps you are sending too many messages about yourself. Check your profile for misspelled words or any obvious grammar or coding errors. If you do find such things, make sure that you change the date when you updated that profile, so that you do not appear as a spammer. Also, make sure that you do not put any false information on your profile. Otherwise, people may think that you are not as qualified as you claim to be, because you are trying to market yourself through your profile.


So, what you can do if you have used these tips to buy old LinkedIn links back? First, request that your account be removed from LinkedIn. This is a simple request that you should be able to do. Usually, once you have done this, your account will be disabled for a few days, allowing you to be able to contact all of your former colleagues and create a new network. Then you will be able to get back the links you lost, giving you a boost to your networking career.

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