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It’s easy to forget what sustainable bags used to be. Today, many of the leading brands offer stylish, eco-friendly backpacks, featuring everything from hemp to recycled denim and organic cotton. But these aren’t the only options available; a number of other brands have also launched new ranges that are completely green, meaning they’re made using materials that are sustainable both in terms of the environment and the human body.

sustainable bags


Some of the most popular sustainable bags today include Prada, D&G and Liz Claiborne’s Jack & Jones collection. Made with natural materials such as hemp and recycled canvas, these high-quality handbags have real style and substance. In fact, Jack & Jones ‘eco-chic’ handbags use only natural paints and vegetable dyes – making them environmentally friendly and completely safe for the environment. The backpacks are also highly breathable, meaning they don’t hold in moisture so your items stay dry throughout the day. The company has also set up its own recycling programme, encouraging its customers to reuse materials and give back to the planet.


Another brand that’s a leader in sustainable bags is Corkor. Corkor’s range of handbags and accessories is stylish, elegant and ecological. As with Jack & Jones, it offers clients the chance to give something back to the environment through its ‘cycle of life’ initiative. Each bag in the brand’s collection is designed to be more earth-friendly and recyclable than the last. Bags such as the ‘Eco-chic’, ‘Thames’, ‘Spring Collection’, ‘Corky’ and’Kyoto’ are all made using natural materials, recycled glass and iron, and are environmentally friendly.


Third on the sustainable-bags-list is Hoxton, which makes products that are as green as their packaging. One example of its handbags is the ‘Mobi’, which is made from 100% biodegradable raw coconut oil, which can be used for making soaps and cosmetic items. The ‘Mobi Carousel collection’ uses natural materials and is printed on a canvas with care. The brand also makes other eco-friendly items such as ‘Lilac’, ‘Glacier’, ‘Witch Hazel’ and ‘Dewdrop’.


Four companies that come at the top of the sustainable bags made list is Thierry Henry, Giorgio Armani, Valentino and Cavalli. Thierry Henry is known for producing high quality luxury brands. Cavalli is noted for being particularly fashionable and having a fabulous cut, made out of sustainable Italian wool. Giorgio Armani creates cutting-edge designs and Valentino is famous for its handmade fabrics. The luxury travel bags made by Giorgio Armani and Valentino are both stylish and chic.


The fifth on the sustainable fabrics list is Corky, which uses 100% organic cotton, hemp and suede in its products. Corky bags are available in various colors, with an eco symbol denoting the fact that the bag has not been treated with any harmful chemicals. Eco friendly materials are used in this brand as well as recycled nylon. This brand offers discount fragrances, so you get excellent value for money. You can choose from designs such as ‘Bold’, ‘Chunky’ and ‘Glamorous’.


The sixth and seventh on our ethical made bags review are the bags from the Dropship Shop and Shipping&raft, which feature ethical materials from ethically made factories around the world. You will find beautiful handbags and accessories from China, Korea and India – with a special focus on handcrafted bags. The bags from Shipping&raft are made from rice paper – a sustainable choice because of the minimal impact it has on the environment. You will also find a wide variety of accessories to add to your bag collection including key rings, wallets and purses.


Seventh on our list of top bags from sustainable companies is The Breakdown – the only privately owned factory that specializes in the manufacture of environmentally friendly totes. Made out of responsibly harvested coconut tissue, these eco-friendly totes have beautiful contrasting patterns and a great soft feel to them. You can choose from various classic designs, like ‘Thousand Islands’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Waterford’. There are also some unique, slightly unusual designs by this brand – including one called ‘The Mela’, inspired by the South American rain forest!

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