32 Fun Things to Do Before You Are 11 Years Old

Creativity is so much more than playing a musical instrument, writing or painting a picture. Creativity can aid and influence every decision you make. The development and use of your own creativity is essential for your own future growth, and for that of the world in which you live.

I always find it surprising therefore, that so many of us find it so difficult to demonstrate or even admit to the existence of our creative side https://bensupstairs.com/how-to-lock-a-door-without-a-lock. And why is that so much of our creativity tends to diminish as we ourselves grow older?

Indirectly we are programmed both at home and school to toe the line, to conform and to be wary of signs of creativity that could make us more exciting as people, or outside of the norm of things. Instead we have to wait for suitable instructions, to be given permission before we can begin to find that lost creativity again. By developing your creative awareness, you will give yourself the permission to have fun, to enjoy the company of those around you and to really feel what life is about.

There is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that children at three or four years old are entirely free of any social or self restraints, and can therefore be witnessed literally walking on the grass at every opportunity. The sign that says ‘don’t’ is of little consequence to them. The grass is a playground, a green luxurious carpet, a soft landing place, a running track In fact; it is anything their imaginations can make of it. But it is never ‘a no go area!’

It is however, unfortunately, shortly after this age, that their parents, teachers or guardians; in fact anyone and everyone who claims to have their very best interests at heart, will slowly, or sometimes even frantically, begin introducing the sobering rules of society to these once uninhibited minds.

By the age of 10, children are already becoming more aware of the ‘rules of freedom’ and, in corresponding measure, their creativity now begins diminishing. The toy that was once their best friend in the world has now become only an acquaintance. They are told how to be creative rather than just allowing their imagination to flourish. For example at school they follow instructions on what to draw rather than have the freedom to be inspired by their own thoughts

Here’s the deal. Nobody can do you like you can do you. You are an unmistakably incredibly distinctively unique human being. No one, who has ever lived before, now or after you have passed through this life, can or ever will be able to match you.. Without a doubt, no one feels, thinks, acts, studies, eats, sleeps, engages in sexual activity, holds a conversation, works, sings,laughs, worships or not and/or interacts in relationships in exactly the same manner as you. You maintain a solidified unbreakable persona (DNA structured make-up) that can not be matched or duplicated in unadulterated precision. Try as one might, the process to imitate you or your specifically calibrated actions are virtually impossible. Your thoughts alone, encased in the rhythmic definitive nature of your specialized breathing belongs to your body/mind alone.

Among the almost 7 billion people who inhabit the earth, no one can come close to rendering a facsimile of your true sexual artistic creative nature. You were born as an inherent artistic sensual vibrating energy whose mystery is undisclosed even to you. You are you because you are you and no one else. In that respect, you are exceptional. What does that have to do with anything? Everything! You were born exactly as singularly you for reasons beyond your present scope of understanding or appreciation. You are endowed with enormous gifts, potential, talent and abilities not yet discovered or activated. For that reason alone, are you relegated and designed to perform magnificent feats of unparalleled commotion.

Everything that makes up your human body including the 46 chromosomes, 23 from mother/23 from father is only the pin pointed beginning of the nitrogenic reference point of what actually makes you who you are. Not only does the intricate networking of the gigantic chemically electrical hormonal osmotic fluid processing plant [known casually as your human body] comprise your existence but every existing apparatus {organic and inorganic} that has ever passed your way in the external world before you were born, while you inhabit the earth and after you’re gone, has had/ will have and unceasingly shall continue to play a significant role in developing of your matchless contribution on earth

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