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The Delaware Capitol Building is perhaps one of the most distinctive buildings in all of North America. Considered the capitol of the State of Delaware, it is a distinctive building that dates back to 1790. Considered as one of the most distinctive historical landmarks within the State of Delaware, it was designed by the French architect Louis Sullivan. Locally referred to as the “Dover State House,” it was designed to replicate the colonial mansions of the French nobles, in an effort to project a refined image for the residents of the Capitol.

delaware capitol building


The structure of the Delaware capitol building does not resemble that of other American state capitols. Rather, it is distinguishably different and distinguished by its construction, the exhibits and the grandiose architecture that can be found within. Also, compared to other state capitols,delaware capitol building it does not bear the usual federal or state seal.


Situated on the eastern end of the State House, the capitol is considered the official residence of the General Assemblemen of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In addition to this, the building is also the place where the governor of the State of Delaware can be found and his official residence is also located within the building. Unlike the U.S. Congress, the members of the General Assemblies of both Houses do not meet in the same room together; rather, they convene in an assemble space that resembles a house and it is usually located on the second floor of the capitol. In addition to the house of representatives and senatorial candidates, other individuals who wish to speak before the assembled assembly are typically permitted to enter into the House chamber.


The capitol was built around a marble fireplace and it was adorned with ornamental columns and pillars. The assembly area has been divided into three parts namely the lower chamber, the upper chamber and the governorship. Every member of the legislature is allowed to speak one time in front of the assembly as well as any other members present in the chamber. If the speaker is unable to continue his speech, he may call for questions or give a suggestion for what he plans to propose for the future proceedings.


Additionally, there is a chamber of commerce that is housed within the building. This part of the legislature allows businesses to submit legislation and offers information on upcoming events through newsletters. In addition to serving the general public, the members of the house and the assembly also have the authority to make laws that are recommended by their constituents. However, all laws that become law have to be approved by a majority of each house and then presented to the Governor for approval. All legislation that becomes law is also posted on the official state website for the people to see.


The Delaware state capitol has been deemed to be one of the most unique structures in the entire United States. A structure that allows the assembly of both houses of the legislature to take place simultaneously has been deemed a marvel of modern technology. The structure of the capitol is comprised of steel framing and the building is covered with glass. It also stands five stories high and is considered one of the tallest buildings in all of the United States.


There are approximately two hundred and fifty members in the House of Representatives and about seven hundred and fifty members in the Senate. Because of how extensive the meetings are, it is not uncommon for legislators to be required to be in Washington during certain times of the legislative session. The state government is located on the Eastern seaboard of Pennsylvania. There is an immense national focus placed upon education, social services and the environment. All of these various programs are funded through tax revenues that are generated within the state. Without the revenue that is generated from the various taxes, some of these important programs would not be able to take place.


The House and Senate chambers can be found on the top floors of the building. Each of the two chambers has their own committee rooms as well as individual offices that members can use to communicate with the other members of the chamber. The official residence for the governor is located on the first floor as well. All members of the General Assembly are under the supervision of the speaker of the house, which is elected by the members of the legislature each year.

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